For several decades, Peace Apostolic Ministries has held an annual Australian Apostolic Summit. Last year due to COVID, we went online, and had our most successful conference event with thousands participating. COVID caused us to re-evaluate how we minister, and part of it has resulted in two other mini-conferences being added to the Calendar each year. The first of these each year is Epiphany.

For many years John Alley’s books, most notably “The Apostolic Revelation” and “The Spirit of Sonship” have informed and assisted the landscape of God’s reformation of the Church in the world today. Epiphany is about light, and what God has revealed to his people. There is a real history of God moving through our conferences, and with the people of Peace. John Alley has received much grace and truth, and it has always been our heart to share and impart the things we have received that the Body of Christ may be strengthened. If you haven’t heard of John, or the apostolic message that Christ entrusted to him, then Peace Conferences are an opportunity to be acquainted with what God is saying, and the message that is so crucial for the Body of Christ and the nations at this time in history.

Over the course of 2 special nights, and 1 Sunday morning, join John Alley and the people of Peace. These will be insightful sessions, God will speak, and we are believing for His Spirit to move among us. Join us in prayer, and expect for God to work.

This year we had three powerful session which you can see on youtube:

Dates for 2022 will be posted here in October 2021. You can register for the event in advance below.