Online Apostolic Training

It's been twenty years since Christ commissioned John Alley to take an apostolic message to the nations. In that time we have criss-crossed the world teaching people, mostly pastors, how to be apostolic and what that means for life and service to Christ.

About 2 years ago we realised the job of teaching apostolic values was far beyond our physical ability to travel, and we began planning and building our online training environment.

By the grace of God, our online training environment is now live. Initially it just has 2 units of study, both of which you will find interesting. As time goes on, we will be adding more units to the environment.

You can find out more information about our online training at

Sadly, much of Christendom has embraced a great deal of misinformation about apostles, and being apostolic. Much of this misinformation seems like a new thing, but is old information clothed in new clothes. It is still institutional in nature, and leaves out big portions of what is God's heart for His people and the Church.
It is important to understand the nature of the true apostolic, and especially have a relational understanding of what God is doing. Essentially, God is changing the church from being institutional to being relational. It's hard however to think relationally, when we have spent our whole lives with an organisational worldview.

And that is exactly why you need to study the materials we are providing in this course.

In our online school, you will learn a number of things, including:

  • What it means to be apostolic?
  • What the dynamic qualities of apostolic people are.
  • What is apostolic covering.
  • What is the role of genuine apostles?
  • What is the maturity of the church, and how does it mature?
  • Fathering in the ministry, and becoming a spiritual father.
  • The Spirit of sonship - the nature of being a son to others in ministry.
  • Apostolic community - the heart that congregations, and churches should have.
  • Learn about the unity of the Body of Christ.
  • Learn why unity is a heart thing and not a structured thing
  • Concepts regarding the Church in the City.
  • City Eldership concepts
  • Dealing with Spiritual Claims over your ministry
  • and much more...

To complete our full training in apostolic ministry requires completing 4 modules of study, of which only the first is currently available online. The other 3 modules are still in development and will become available one by one over the next 12 - 18 months. The 4 modules themselves will give you a well grounded view of apostolic life and ministry, and you'll find that you think and minister differently after that.

Additionally there is a grace that will change you as you learn. We reach out to each student to pray impartation prayers that we believe add a grace that goes beyond knowledge alone. This grace is essential to understand and be changed by the apostolic message.

There is a cost involved in studying, and that reflects the time and expense we have put into developing this resource. We are charging what is a fair price, and good value, for a well developed set of materials that will bless and extend your ministry into the future. It also covers our time plus the ongoing management and development of future materials that will continue to bless you and many others in the years ahead.

Please forward this email onto your ministry colleagues so that others have the opportunity to enrol and begin study also.

You can find out more information about our online training at