Tony Ponicke begins his message with his personal testimony of being filled with the Holy Spirit – the difference between being a born-again believer and being a born-again believer who is full of the Holy Spirit and walking in the power of the Spirit. Tony testifies that once he was filled with the Holy Spirit, the word of God opened up to him in a new way so that passages previously read suddenly had a new and deeper meaning. Tony speaks of the importance of prayer – of spending time with the one we love (Jesus) and thus becoming tuned to His thoughts and intentions. Tony goes on to encourage and exhort the listener to be emboldened to offer to pray for those we meet who are in need – believers and non-believers alike. We are meant to show Jesus to the world around us, says Tony, and one very practical way for that to happen is through Christians caring enough to offer prayer.

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Other Messages About: Holy Spirit, Baptisim, Prayer, Evangelism