Along with the apostolic grace John Alley and the people at Peace have had, has been a genuine anointing for spiritual warfare. Since the early years, the church has always been prayerful and has taken ground from the evil one consistently. You can browse the peace website and the free messages for free messages on prayer, faith, breakthrough, spiritual warfare and more. Also, at is our free intercession course developed out of many of our formative experiences in prayer.

In this mini online conference, join John Alley as he talks about Spiritual Warfare. What is the best posture for spiritual warfare? Why would we want to engage in it? Is the Lord calling for this? What is the best way to fight? What is the difference between prayer and spiritual warfare? There are many questions, and we will explore these issues together over three days this October.

Join us from Friday 5th November through to Sunday November 7th. All sessions are live-streamed, and you can also attend in person at Rockhampton. There is no cost for registration. After you register, prior to the event, viewing links will be sent to you via email.

Session Times:

  • Friday Nov 5th - 7:30pm
  • Saturday Nov 6th - 7:30pm
  • Sunday Nov 7th - 9:30am