Philip Alley continues his series on the Ten Commandments. Before commencing the second part of this series, Philip recaps some highlights of the previous message before moving on to look at Commandments 3 and 4. Once again referring constantly to the Scriptures, Philip expands on what it really means to use the Lord’s name in vain – to use His name in ways that are empty, light or flippant. God has copyrighted His name, says Philip. We may use it, but only according to His requirements. Philip lists several ways in which we my commonly use the Lord’s name in the wrong way, including false promises, false prophecy, false attitudes and false pretences. Philip then moves on to Commandment 4, which deals with the proper use of the Sabbath. God created the earth and all that is in it after the pattern of 6 days work and then 1 day of rest. We would do well, says Philip, to adhere to that pattern. Philip lists ways in which the Sabbath rest is of real benefit to us and honouring to God, before listing some “Sabbath killers’, or things that are detrimental to the keeping of the Sabbath.

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