Why do our minds need to be renewed? What went wrong to make this renewal necessary? These are the questions posed by Philip Alley at the commencement of his message. Philip explains the way in which God has created mankind to have a body, a soul and a spirit. God breathed His own spirit into Adam, but at the fall the spirit of man died, or became dormant. Philip illustrates from Scripture the way in which, when we are born again of the Spirit, God restores life to our spirit, that part which communes with God. However, we have a problem in that the body and soul of man are used to holding sway over the thoughts and actions of man. We need to see a work of God to restore the correct order to our being – the body in submission to the soul, and the soul in submission to the spirit. Philip outlines several steps that we need to take – in conjunction with the study of the Word of God – to position ourselves for the work that God needs to do in renewing the mind of man so that it is in submission to the spirit. Philip concludes his message with Titus 1:15-16, which speaks of the one whose soul is not subject to his spirit and whose actions reflect this, and issues a warning to the listener to seek better things from God.

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