Philip Alley brings a message of encouragement to persevere in doing what we believe that God has called us to. Philip speaks of several reasons why people give up, giving Bible examples of those who persevered and eventually saw the outcome that God had promised. These include the passing of time without visible result, with a great example being the perseverance of Joseph. Joseph waited many years and endured many things but did not give up on the calling of God. Philip also speaks of pressures to conform to the culture of the day, citing Noah who built an ark and Daniel along with his 3 friends who defied the decree of the king and worshipped God, refusing to bow down to any other. The third area of difficulty that Philip names is the action of opponents to our course of action and our values. Nehemiah and Joshua both faced great opposition in carrying out God’s work, yet they overcame. This message will refresh hope and determination to persevere in the call of God.

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Other Messages About: Goals, Joseph, Noah, Genesis, Joshua

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