What does it mean to be a man? John Alley opens with the central theme of last week’s message. Beginning with insights from 1 Corinthian 16:13-14, John describes the role of committed, dedicated men who form a Church Council. These are men who will meet and pray over the life of the church, with the spiritual authority of those men’s prayers strengthening and empowering the church. In seeking to define the image of God as stamped into men, John also greatly honours women and emphasises the powerful and vital role they share in the house and work of God. John explains that all the traits that we consider good and admirable in men and women are found in God the Father, who made mankind in His image. But John’s purpose here is to stir up the men of the church to aspire to the measure of the greatest man who ever lived – the man whose qualities were not just ideals he pursued, but accomplishments — our Lord Jesus. Using the life and teaching of Jesus from Mark 10, John illustrates qualities that must be found in real men. These include a proper view of marriage, a big heart towards children, servanthood, inclusiveness, an unflinching approach to purpose, big heartedness, and much prayer. The prayer meeting, says John, produces power to change cities and nations.

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Other Messages About: Leadership, Fathering, 1 Corinthians, Mark

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