David Alley takes up the theme for today by returning to the previous week’s test, Colossians 3:1-4. He then gives some instance from everyday life of what it means to really have the heart set on a certain thing, and what the result is when the desired objective is not realized.

David explores the meaning of the Greek word zeteo which is translated “set your heart on” in today’s text. This word, he explains, means to seek something so that you will find it, to crave a certain thing. David then goes on to list some of the 115 times that this Greek word is used in the New Testament and the various ways in which it is translated.

The questions, says David, that we should ask ourselves are, “Am I going to live for Christ?” and “Am I going to do what Christ says?” If we will set out hearts on Jesus as an act of our will and simply let go of the other things that would take His place, then Christ will take care of the remaining things that we need in our lives.

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