Jonathan Maxwell begins his message by reflecting on times of spontaneity in our lives, when we are moved to dance, to laugh, to return a smile. We don’t have to think hard about these reactions, says Jonathan. And yet there are times in our lives when we should think seriously about our reactions and what they should be. Jonathan takes the three parables found in Luke Chapter 15 to illustrate the appropriate response of celebration over the one who is found. Jesus cares for the one, says Jonathan. The parable to the prodigal, in particular, shows us so clearly what the heart of the Father is – and yet, we so often react more like the older son when someone else does well or is received well. The Kingdom of God is described as a joyful banquet, a feast and a celebration. But joy and resentment cannot coexist in our hearts. If we harbour resentment in our hearts we are robbed of the joy that should be ours. We are all invited to this place of joy, but if we allow resentment to build up it hinders us both in our relationships with others and in any effort to step out into something new. Jonathan concludes his message with an exhortation to the listener – we must deal with any resentment in our lives.

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