Jonathan Maxwell begins his inspiring message with the story of Arthur Stace, an uneducated man who was unable to write his own name, and yet after experiencing the call of God went on to write the word “Eternity” in perfect copperplate writing on the footpaths of Sydney, over and over for many years. The ordinary actions of an ordinary person impacted on the hearts and minds of many people, to the point that an enormous copy of Mr Stace’s “Eternity” graced the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the eve of the new millennium. Jonathan goes on to recount the story of the way in which the ordinary actions of a member of the congregation had eternal effect on the lives of others as well and stories from the Bible in which God marvelously used ordinary people to extraordinary effect. God uses the ordinary, the normal and the everyday, says Jonathan – and He wants to use YOU! None of us feel special in the ordinariness of everyday life, but Jonathan’s encouragement to continue to walk in obedience and faith with God, persevering in the ordinary actions of every day will inspire and uplift many.

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Other Messages About: Faith, Obedience, Judges, Corinthians

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