John Alley begins his message with a question – “How is my life meant to be fruitful for God?” John goes on to give some examples of matters that need to be given our attention in order to live such a life. First, we need to come to grips with God’s authority and yield completely to him. In baptism, we show outwardly that we are submitting totally to God. Forgiveness and love of enemies is another vitally important matter to which we must give our attention if we are to serve God, as is the renewing of our minds and devotion to prayer. Watchfulness and thankfulness should be marks of our lives, and a life of service to the Lord and to others is, in fact, worship, says John. John concludes with a Scripture from the book of Philippians which exhorts us to continue to work out our salvation with fear and that we may become blameless and pure.

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Other Messages About: Service, The Kingdom, Prayer, Christian Life

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