In this message John Alley addresses the subject of a popular book by author John Hagee, “Four Blood Moons”. Having read the book and considered the content, John concludes that there are historical, doctrinal, factual and scientific errors throughout. There have been many “theories” relating to blood moons, or eclipses, over the years, says John, however in this case the various arguments brought forth are quite inaccurate. The theory that the world will change at the next blood moon is contrived, and is not borne out by history, having no basis in fact. John brings forward a total of 12 points, all refuting the content of this book with scientific and historical fact. John warns that those who preach and teach must face a more stringent judgement, as they are responsible for the things that they cause others to believe. This message is very interesting and thought-provoking, as well as carrying reassurance regarding the longevity of planet Earth. John concludes his message with a veritable tour of Scripture as it relates to the order that God has put in place for the eventual “end of the age” – not to be confused with the end of the world. This message will be continued in following weeks, and is a rich source of knowledge as to the proper interpretation of Scripture as it pertains to these matters.

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